We are often asked "What documents do I need to bring with me to get my taxes done." You can make the very most of our meeting by being prepared and bringing all the documentsd you feel might be useful in preparing a complete and accurate return.

 These documents sould include;

 1. Copy of your prior years return, if we did not prepar it for you.

 2. All w-2'S, and 1099 forms

 3. Form 1099-Int (interest) and 1099-Div (Dividends)

 4. From 1099-B showing any brokerage trades in stocks and bonds.

 5. Forms K-1 for income from partnerships, small business, or a trust.

 6. Form 1099-SSA showing Social Security received.


 Be sure to bring written documents for additional income not reported on a W-2 or 1099 form, suchs as other self-employment income, rental income, or alimony. This could be in the form of a shreadsheet, bank statements or other written evidence.


Bring canceled checks, receipts, or spreadsheets to document any tax-related expenses. These may include contributions to your traditional or SEP-IRA, moving expenses, college expenses, medical & dental expenses, real estate taxes, gifts to charities and churches, and daycare or childcare costs. Some expenses are reported directly to you. Mortgage interest, for example is reported on form 1098, and student loan interest is reported on form 1098-E.


 If a new client, please bring a photo ID and social security cards for yourself and each dependent. If you paid estimated taxes, bring a summary of your federal and state payments and copies of the canceled checks.

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